• July 11, 2021

Why did I get a $20 coupon code for a $60 beauty purchase?

Now, here’s the thing.

I’m not a huge beauty blogger, nor do I know anyone who does.

I do know some bloggers who post beautiful products on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, but I’m also aware of a few bloggers who have gotten free coupons on products they post on their own sites.

I know bloggers who get paid to do it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worth it.

For example, I did a bit of research when I first got the $20 discount code.

If you’re thinking, “Wait, this is the type of thing I should do if I want to post a free product for a freebie?” think again.

It’s worth looking into if you want to avoid the headache of trying to find a free coupon for a product that might be a good deal, or a product you don’t want to buy.

Here are the tips I used when I got the coupon code, and the results I got in the end. 


Check the coupon’s expiration date.

I usually get the free coupon code by 3:00 PM local time on my phone or online.

I check the expiration date of the coupon by going to my My Account page and checking the “Deactivate My Coupon” button.

If the coupon has a 6-month expiration date, you can use it on any product purchased within the 6-months of the expiration.

If it has a 3-month or 2-month expiry date, just delete the coupon and re-enter the code. 


Check if you’re eligible to use the coupon.

When you enter the code in the coupon box, it will show up in a list of eligible products, which means it’ll show up on my My Products page.

If I have more than one product that has a similar product listed in the product description, I’ll only show the first one on My Products.

I’ll then add the products that have the coupon in the same category to the list of products I’m trying to get free. 


Check your eligibility to use this coupon.

To use this free coupon, you need to be eligible to get it. 

To find your eligibility, go to My Products, click on the products you want free, and click on “Get Coupon Code.”

If the product has an expiration date listed in it’s description, it means you can redeem the coupon from the date that the coupon is available.

If not, you’ll have to use a different code, which I usually go by.

If my list of free products doesn’t show a product, it’s probably not eligible. 


Fill out the form.

When I get the code, I just fill out a form and the code is emailed to me.

I get an email with my order confirmation within 2 business days, so you can check the status of your order.

I can’t guarantee I’ll receive the coupon within that time frame, but it should arrive within about a week. 


Try it.

You might not get the coupon, but you might get something for free.

I’ve seen a few readers post great results with their free products, but if you get the chance to try this coupon code on your own, please don’t be afraid to try it out.

You’ll find that you’ll enjoy it even more if you do.


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