• July 14, 2021

‘Lucky’ man with 10,000 pairs of shoes gets lucky by buying them on the internet

LUCKY man with more than 10,0000 pairs of footwear has got lucky by purchasing them on an online marketplace, and he is looking forward to the next sale.

Samantha Chittoor, a mother of three from the city of Mumbai, had been trying to buy footwear online for nearly a year, and decided to give it a try after a friend posted about the sale of shoes at a mall.

She bought her first pair of shoes, which were about Rs 15,000, and was amazed to find that they were sold out.

She bought another pair of two months later and soon after, she had another pair.

Chittoor told NDTV that she would buy even more pairs of her favourite shoes on the website and said she has even started selling them in her local mall.

The 36-year-old, who works in an IT sector, said that after she bought a pair of sneakers from the online shoe seller, she decided to try selling them at a local mall in Mumbai, in order to get her money back.

She had initially only bought about 10 pairs, but she was shocked to find she was getting sold out of her first batch of 10 pairs and was looking forward next time to buy more.

“I was thinking of selling them online because it was so cheap, but it just wasn’t working out,” Chittoir said.

“I was happy that the shoes were still available and I was so happy that I bought the other 10.

I am happy that my first batch was not sold out.”

When she first tried selling the shoes online, Chittror was surprised that they had been sold out and thought they were too expensive.

She realised that they weren’t the same as the ones she bought online.

“When I first tried it online, I was getting offers from around Rs 5,000 for the same shoe, which was a little too much.

I was like ‘I can’t sell these for such a low price’,” she said.

She realised that she had bought the shoes for Rs 15 lakh in cash, which meant that she was only getting about 10,001 per pair of footwear.

However, after a few days of selling the same pair of shoelaces, she was sold out, and Chittor got a call from a company that sells shoes on Amazon India.

“They asked if I could buy a second pair of the same shoes online,” she said, adding that they got back the same offer she had made earlier.

Chattoor said that she did not want to buy shoes online for fear of losing money, so she decided that she could do it with the help of her friends, who she is also friends with.

She contacted her friends who had been looking for a way to make money online, and the group agreed to help her out.

She said that when she started selling the footwear online, she found out that the prices on Amazon were cheaper than what she had been paying for them in the past.

“They were selling for Rs 3,000 on Amazon, and then Rs 10,00 on eBay.

Now, they are selling for around Rs 15K each, which is cheaper than I was paying for the shoes.

I think that I am getting more money now than before,” Chitoor said.

When she started the sale, she thought that she might have lost money because of the higher price of the shoes, but they have come in so well.

“Now, I am buying a second set of shoes from them for around 10,0001 each,” she added.

Chitoor, who has a husband and a two-year old daughter, said she had always been an online shopper, and she had already saved a lot of money in the process.

She said that the price of shoes was very cheap, and it was something that she really enjoyed.

“This has made me happy,” she shared.


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