• August 2, 2021

How to get a coupon code for Walmart to help you save on your next trip to party city

Ulta is selling a $10.25 coupon code to help save on the next Walmart trip to a party city, according to a post on the company’s blog.

The coupon code will be valid until December 31, but can be used to purchase items for a party at a Walmart store, as well as select merchandise. 

“It will help our loyal shoppers to get discounted products and accessories for your next holiday shopping trip to the great state of Wisconsin,” the post reads.

The post also details how Ulta will give a $2 Walmart credit for any shopping spree to a location where you would like to shop.

The Ulta coupon is only valid for Ulta’s participating stores, and can be redeemed online.

The promo code can be purchased for $5.00 on the Ulta app or on-line at ulta.com/coupons. 

Ulta also offers coupons for hotels, which include the option to receive a $50 discount on their stay.

The company is offering the code to its loyal Ulta customers who are eligible for the loyalty program.

The coupon is valid through December 31 and can also be used for Walmart store purchases.

Ulta also announced a new promotion, the Ultramarathon, which will see customers participating in the event get up to $500,000 in prizes, including the title of “most powerful man in the world.” 

Ultramarathons were previously limited to select cities, but the Ulti Marathon will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Ultraman will also be held on October 28 and November 11 in New York City, and the Ulto Marathon will take place on December 1.


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