• August 16, 2021

Why Amazon and Uber are saving consumers $20 each on the new $10 uber food coupons

Uber, Amazon and Lyft have launched a new $20 loyalty program for food and beverage companies that gives customers the chance to save $20 on an Uber meal or a Lyft ride when they purchase a new Uber-branded meal or an Uber-sponsored meal.

“Uber is a great company, and I believe that the Uber food program is a good idea, and it’s also a good way to encourage our drivers to share their passion with customers,” Uber’s director of food and beverages, Adam Kwasnik, told BuzzFeed News.

The program is available only to Uber drivers who use Uber’s uber app, but the company has partnered with the Food & Wine Institute to roll out the program nationwide.

Uber’s food program allows drivers to redeem their Uber credit for up to $10 in Uber meals, including a free lunch for the first two hours of driving a customer, plus a $10 Uber voucher that can be used for a free Uber meal, and up to two Uber-owned restaurants a day.

The Uber food credit can also be used to buy a meal, Uber said.

“As you drive your customers and make a lot of connections in a city, you’re going to spend a lot more on food than if you were just driving for yourself,” Kwasnick said.

The food credit program will be available starting next week, and Uber drivers will be able to use the $20 to pay for their next Uber meal.

Uber has partnered up with the Wine Institute, which offers free wine tastings and dinners to Uber employees and contractors to encourage them to share and serve wine, according to a statement on Uber’s website.

Uber drivers can redeem the Uber credit in two ways.

One option is to spend the Uber voucher on a meal or Uber-related purchases, like a meal for a family, Uber spokeswoman Katie Stoltz said.

A second option is for drivers to spend their credit toward a meal.

Kwasnick said Uber has been testing the program in cities around the world and has seen “tens of thousands of drivers participating” with the program.

“Our drivers have had a lot to say about it,” Kandnick said.

Uber and Lyft both said the Uberfood program is unique because it gives drivers the opportunity to save money and earn extra cash by giving them tips and making suggestions during rides.

“When we set out to develop this program, we were not aware of how much our Uber drivers and drivers of other businesses would contribute,” Uber spokeswoman Jessica Shaffer said.

Koutsnik said the program is part of Uber’s effort to expand its driver workforce.

“We’ve had some great results for the drivers and are thrilled to continue expanding the Uber family of drivers, who are already making a difference for their communities, and making Uber more of a success,” Koutsik said.


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