• September 10, 2021

Which deals are on sale in the Canberra CBD?

Updated January 13, 2019 12:59:48The Canberra CBD is a bustling city centre.

It has a diverse population of different ages and backgrounds.

The CBD has a vibrant cultural and sporting scene and the city’s CBD is home to many of the AFL clubs.

But it is also home to the city government, Canberra University, the Australian Football League and many other organisations that cater to a broad range of Canberra-based interests.

These include the Commonwealth Games, Commonwealth Games-style football, the ACTU, ACTS football club, ACT Rugby, the Canberra Football Association and the ACT Government.

The Canberra City Council’s Sports and Cultural Council is a major part of the city council’s work and is responsible for hosting events such as the ACTS-CASSA Cup, which is a series of tournaments held every four years to celebrate Canberra’s sports history.

“We are very much a multicultural city and it is great to see our city’s sporting activities reflect the diversity of our city,” said ACT Councils sports and cultural director Chris Brown.

“There are a number of sports clubs that we have an interest in working with and the club community is one of the biggest groups in Canberra and it really helps to have them in touch.”

The ACT Government’s sports and recreation portfolio includes many events such the ACTs national rugby league and rugby league Canberra Cup, ACTs rugby league Grand Final and ACTs Rugby League Women’s State Championships.

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