• September 16, 2021

How to apply coupon codes for Amazon Prime membership and get free shipping on Amazon products

Posted December 11, 2018 07:02:25The US online retailer has announced a new program for customers to apply a discount coupon code to their orders for Amazon.com products.

The Amazon Prime program, which allows customers to save 10% on a wide range of items on the company’s website, has been in use since June 2017.

Amazon has not announced how many memberships the program has now granted, but it has over a million members.

The program was first rolled out to members in June 2017 and has now expanded to all customers.

To apply a code, you need to visit Amazon.co.uk and fill out a form that allows for payment and a shipping address.

After that, you can then send the form to Amazon’s support team via email.

A representative for Amazon told CNN that the code can be applied for in the following ways:For orders shipped within the last 30 daysFor orders shipping within the next 15 daysFor those who receive an Amazon Prime subscriptionFor those with Prime membershipsThe program has already been rolled out for other products, but now Amazon has added the coupon code for Amazon orders shipped to a new category of products, “Prime” products.

According to the product page for Prime Prime members, these products can be found under “Prime Shipping” and include books, video games, electronics, toys, clothing, electronics and more.

For those in the US, Amazon is offering the code for $0.99 and for customers outside of the US to receive it for $9.99.

To find out how to use the coupon, visit Amazon Prime Coupons and then click “Apply Coupon Code”.


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