• September 29, 2021

The best free coupons for the holiday season

The best coupon codes to take home during the holidays are on this list, which includes more than 100,000 coupons that can be used in your next shopping spree.

Here are the best deals of the year.

Coupon code: $10 off $25 at Walmart.

Use code: THANKS for $5 off $20 at Target.

Use coupon: BEDTIME to get $10 in gift cards at Target, Dollar Tree, Walgreens, Sears and others.

Cancellation code: Get a $5 gift card to a friend at Target and save $25.

Use Code: FUTUREFUTURE for a $10 gift card.

Use coupon: THANKYOU for a free $10 Walmart gift card for a year.

Use promo code: MARTIN for $10 and get a $15 credit toward your next Walmart purchase.

Use code: GETAWAY for a 50% off sale at Walmart and Target.

Use promo code TENREX for a 25% off Walmart.

Use voucher: PICK UP WITH A FREE SHIPPING BOX at Target to get a free gift box.

Use discount code: HOLIDAYSHOPPING at Target for a 20% off select clearance items.

Use the coupon: THE MONEY MADE ME THINK and save 25% on select Macy’s, Nordstrom, Forever 21, and others items.

You can also save $5 by getting $15 off select clothing at select department stores.

Use the code: SHOPTOOL.

Save 25% at Target on select clothing.

Use coupons: LIFECENT for a 10% off Macy’s clearance item and 20% at Nordstrom.

Use codes: CASHOUT and CASHBACK to get 20% savings on select merchandise at Walmart, Target, Walmart.com and other retailers.

Use codes: GIVEAWAY at Macy’s and Target for 10% cashback on select fashion items and 25% cash back on select accessories at Walmart.*These coupons are only valid during the designated time of the month, so use them before the holidays, before shopping and before you go out shopping.

They may not be available at every retailer, but they’re likely to work for you.

Check out the full list of coupon codes below.

The Best Free Coupons for the Holiday SeasonGet a gift card at Target: GETAHEAD10% off $40 at TargetUse code GIVE10 for 10 percent off select items at Target (including clearance items) for a month, then get another 10 percent back with a coupon code: SIX-TIME.

Use Code: GOOGLEOFF to get free shipping on select items.

Save $25 on select electronics at select retailers.

Buy a new smartphone at Walmart for $20: SIZE UP.

Get a new iPhone 6 for $25: REDESIGN.

Use a discount code from Target to save 10% on a select smartphone and iPad.

Buy two pairs of shoes at Walgops: REDESTONE.

Get three pairs of jeans at Target or Nordstrom: COLLECTED.

Get five pairs of men’s shoes at Target in a season: COTTONWEAR.

Buy five pairs on the cheap at Wal-Mart: REDUCED.

Use your Target Gift Card for a new MacBook Pro: LIGHT.

Get four pairs of sneakers at Walmart: BIRDED.

Save 30% on the following accessories at Target*Get a Walmart gift certificate for $1 off at Target*: MIRRORS, TABLES, PAPERBACKS, CROCHET.

Use an online coupon code at Target.*Use a coupon at Target when you shop at Walmart or Target.com for a discounted gift card: TEXASHOP.

Use free shipping at Walmart on select select apparel and footwear at the retailer: SHIRTS.

Get free shipping to Target on certain merchandise at Target stores and at Walmart stores: LAYERING.

Use any Target coupon code for a full year to save 25 percent on select apparel: COLOR-SPARKLE.

Get 20% more free shipping with a Target gift card when you buy at Walmart*Get free ground shipping on a qualifying item at Target**Use a Target coupon at Walmart to save $10 on select clearance and clearance clearance items at Walmart**Get free delivery on select footwear at Target Stores and at other retailers**Get a free delivery in select Walmart stores*Use a free shipping coupon from Target for select clearance merchandise at Walmarts and Target stores.

Get 15% off all electronics at Target by using code MARTINA: GETOFF.

Use one of these Target coupons to get up to 50% on clearance at Target!*This is a one-time coupon and you cannot redeem it for more than one item at a time.

Use it once and never have to use it again.

Use only one coupon code per order.

Limit one per household.

Coupon code valid through January 27, 2018.*The


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