• October 29, 2021

Why I’m Not Using Instacart Coupons

I’ve used them on a few occasions, but this year, I’m not.

I am a little concerned about the safety of my food when I don’t have a receipt for it.

Theres no way to tell what is real food and what is not.

Plus, I dont like to make assumptions based on an online coupon.

That is why I dont bother with them.

But I will keep using them for my food delivery.

I love my Instacars and love to shop for groceries.

Ive never had an issue with my order not arriving on time, or if it did, they didnt seem to be in the proper state.

However, in a year where there has been a lot of online coupon-less shopping, Ive seen a lot more of these issues.

Ive been using them to help my mother who is struggling to afford groceries.

She has a full-time job and hasnt been able to save up enough to buy groceries for herself.

Theses coupons work great, but its important to note that they dont always work for me.

I will be using the coupons at least once per week for my own groceries.

But in my experience, they dont do much for me unless I need something extra.

So I dont have to think about the risks of the online coupons, and the only thing that really matters is that I get my food.

I use Instacarts to order groceries online for myself.

This is something Ive always been open to and have never had any problems with.

I dont care what the shipping charges are, theres always a quick delivery option.

I just dont think of it as a savings option for me, or a hassle.

Its more like a perk for me when its time to make my next trip to Walmart.

There no need for the coupon to be a hassle or a headache for me in any way.

If anything, its a perk to me.

I dont like using coupons online, but Im glad I do.

I get more for my money and thats the biggest benefit of having a good online grocery store.

The only thing I dont get for my cash is a discount on groceries.

The coupons arent always as helpful as they seem to seem to the customer, but they help make things easier for me and my family.

I have seen a couple of people whove had some problems with the coupons, but Ivent had one that is really bad.

I have not had an Instacar delivery since May, and Ive been hesitant to use the coupons again.

I used to have a very good experience using them, but now thats a different story.

The store seems to be running out of stock and I dont know if the coupons will last long enough.

I know itsnt always easy to stock up on groceries, and sometimes Imnt even able to order them, especially with the low volume.

But Im sure its just a temporary thing.

I think theres a good chance I will end up buying something, but for now, I cant see myself ever using the coupon again.

If youre interested in ordering online, check out my full article on how to order from Instacards, where you can see my tips for using the app, and learn how to check the delivery status on Instacares website.


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